Monday, 14 July 2014

A rite of passage...

Freddie and I both went through a rite of passage this afternoon....he got his haircut from a real hairdresser! Sob! Haha just kidding. It went very well. We talked about it all day - how you get to wear a cape and sit in a big chair and make funny faces at yourself in the mirror.

When it came down to it, he got a little nervous but once I agreed to stand by his side and hold his hand, he was fine. We looked at the penguins on his cape and stuck our tongues out in the mirror. Only slight hiccup was when Elsie decided she wanted a nap so I put her in the sling and rocked her/shoved the paci in her mouth with one hand while holding Freddie with the other hand.

The hairdresser (we were at Trade Cut on Easter Road) was really nice and - get this - it only cost £5! William joined us, too, and got his hair cut after Freddie's. Next time we'll probably make it a whole family affair and I'll get mine done too. Elsie might even like a trim!

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