Friday, 7 June 2013

Photo of the week- It's SUMMER!

The weather has been great in Edinburgh lately- we're talking 18 degrees C (mid 60s Fahrenheit) and not a cloud (ok, maybe a few) in the sky. For some reason, even if it's only in the 60s it always feels hotter in Scotland then it does in Seattle.

Is there some scientific reason for this? Or are we just so sun-deprived here that when it does get close to that oh-so-rare 70 degrees, we have to bust out the sun screen (SPF 50 for Freddie), sunhats and sit in the shade of a tree.

Whatever the reason, we've been outside in the park or at the playground a ton this week and it's been fab. We usually bring Freddie's bucket, shovel, rake and a football and he ends up spending most of the time investigating the stroller, trying to sneakily eat a woodchip (see below) or picking dandelions.

Have to give a shout out to Dotty Bots, the company we got Freddie's diapers (nappies) from. They sent him the pair of shorts he's wearing for free. They're so cute and he's finally big enough to wear them! Thanks Dotty Bots!

1 comment:

  1. Love that sneaky look! How is Freddie going to feel about August in Seattle? Do they make sunscreen stronger than SPF50?


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