Thursday, 13 June 2013

A Royal Visit

Freddie got his first taste of the Royal way of life yesterday when we saw the Royal (do I really need to capitalize that every time?) helicopter in Holyrood Park. Prince Charles was in town for an event at Holyrood Palace which, coincidentally, some of my previous colleagues were invited to. They were being honored for some of their recent work on breast cancer, which I too had a hand in back when I was working there. Very exciting stuff- you can read about it here. Way to go guys!

Because we live so close to Holyrood Park, it is obvious when anyone from the Royal family is in town. They stay at the Palace when they come so, naturally, their personal helicopter has to land right there. And it is LOUD. I knew something was up yesterday when I heard the racket so Freddie and I went out to the park to see what was up.

And there was the helicopter- parked right on the grass. And if I didn't already suspect it carried Royal passengers, the crown on the side of it convinced me. Ha! Is this cool or slightly ridiculous or at the very least bizarre?

Anyway, we managed to get a few pics with it, although Freddie was definitely more interested in playing with the grass clippings. Later that afternoon we were also around to see it take off (yes, we loiter at the park a LOT). Freddie thought that was pretty cool although, again, he was more interested in seeing Margaret walk up to meet us then to watch it actually fly up into the air.

Trying to sneak on?

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