Thursday, 27 July 2017

Is it too late for me to 'grow into my feet?'

I've always had large feet - probably an American size 8 by the time I was 12. Does this seem odd for someone who is otherwise pretty petite? Yes. Despite my dad insisting they gave me a 'good foundation,' did I use to be embarrassed by these trotters? Yes. I am 5 foot 2 and have size 8.5/9 feet (UK 7). Flippers. Flat-footed flippers with no trace of an arch.

HOWEVER, as I've grown older, pretty much nothing embarrasses me (thanks kids) and I've come to love my feet. They've run a marathon, several halfs, and, with a little nail polish, they don't look half bad. Due to their sheer size, however, I cannot stop breaking my toes.

Yesterday afternoon was just the latest - I broke my pointer toe on my right foot tripping over the corner of the bed when I was tucking Freddie in. As I crumbled to the ground and tried not to swear, Freddie rushed over (he loves a good emergency) to see how I was. I got out the frozen peas, hobbled to the couch and iced my mangled toe on a few pillows.

Freddie pulled over the coffee table, put my water bottle on it, handed me a book about castles and put some rose petals he'd collected from the park in a train car on the table. He told me to call him if I needed anything, anything at all, and headed back down the hall to play with his truck.

You never know if they're grasping the concept of empathy but there it was. :)

Hello Elsie. 

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