Thursday, 2 April 2015

"I wanna walk, I wanna walk!"

"...a mile in your shooooooooooes." Don't get the reference? Watch this. Fantastic version. Hands down the best song from my childhood. And that's saying a lot. It beat out 'Backwards Land' and 'Shapes, Shapes!' (NOT this insane techno version).

Whew, that was almost so annoying I couldn't keep writing.

Anyhoot - the point is.......Elsie is WALKING! She took her first couple of steps a few weeks ago and is starting to cruise more and more every day. She loves pushing the bee wheely bug at 100mph down the hall (sorry paint trim I just redid) and can walk pretty steady between the couch and the chair.

She's starting to give her brother a run for his money (pun intended) in the race for toys and it's hilarious to watch them chase each other around their room. She's Freddie's number one fan and boy does he know it. Despite the power struggle (this morning's must-have item? a rubber spatula), they are best friends. Freddie even instructs Els to say good night to him every afternoon before his nap. And, of course, she does it. So sweet!

Our amazing Elsie celebrated her 11 month old birthday last week. Happy Birthday little gal!
Look out! Here she comes.

She's obviously inherited her mother's crazy smile. 

Big kiddo!
Little maniac on the loose. :)

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