Thursday, 27 February 2014

Our Second Update

Our poor soon-to-be-born second child is already being neglected! I probably had 10,000 photos of me pregnant with Freddie at this stage but this time my goal of taking monthly prego photos has changed to trimester photos, starting with the second.

I must assure you, little boy or girl, when you're old enough to read this, that we think about you ALL THE TIME, but actually taking pics and jotting down notes about the pregnancy just doesn't seem to be happening. I am all of a sudden more than 7 months pregnant (32 weeks and 3 days, to be exact) and, although I thought I was progressing quite gracefully through this pregnancy, there are some very telltale signs I'm getting bigger and closer to that April 21st due date:

1. My belly runs into the steering wheel when I drive.

2. The shower curtain sticks to me.

3. When I put on a pink maternity dress this morning and asked Freddie how I looked, he laughed hysterically. Yes, he could have been thinking about something else but it still stung!

4. My thighs rub together. Ugh.

5. Strangers leap out of their seats to offer me somewhere to sit down wherever we go (the library, museum, on the bus).

6. My bellybutton is popping out. This didn't even happen last time- it just got reeeeeeeeeeeeeally stretched out. 

7. I pee all day (and night) long.

8. My maternity jeans feel too tight. 

9. My midwife informed me on Tuesday that the baby is already "VERY low." She also said he or she is a "generous size." 

If it's another nearly 10 pounder I'm going to have to send my prenatal vitamins in to be checked for steroids! However, the After Eights (or After Sevens, as I like to call them) I have every night after dinner, the pre-bedtime bowl of cereal and the fact that I consider walking 7 minutes to the store enough exercise for the day could play a role.

Good thing I do a pregnancy yoga class once a week. Oh wait- it's mostly meditative and they serve you tea and biscuits after every class!! Haha. Oh well, despite all this, I am enjoying this pregnancy immensely and am starting to get really, really excited to meet the little guy or gal. Freddie and I did a photo shoot tonight to show off our bellies (and his new undies!). Here are some of the pics:


  1. You look adorable! Both of you! Very cute second pregnancy.

    Me= tired and can't form a full sentence. But the point is, great blog post!

    1. Ha! Thanks! So far today Freddie has pointed to the big Scotland Starbucks mug and said "Bobo" (you must have drank from it last time you were here or something) and to the computer to say "Bobo dance." He also (my favorite) claps his feet together when I change him and when I ask him who else can do that, he says "Bobo!!" You guys are two peas in a pod.

  2. You look great! You sure there's not twins in there ;-) j/k

    1. Haha that'd be a shock and a half if there was!

  3. This made me laugh!!! You make being pregnant look good. Here is to the next few weeks....hang in there!!!


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